In a world where everything is typically over-sized, large and exuberant, there is a movement towards the exact opposite – Miniature. This site will walk you through some of the different trends in the world of all things small.

Miniature Houses

Miniature houses are commonly referred to as small houses or Tiny Houses. This movement is relatively self explanatory. There is no definition as to what makes a small house, but some are as small as forty-six square feet, which is extremely small compared to a typical house. There are no sacrifices in the quality or personality within these tiny houses. And they can still have top of the line appliances, room for sleeping and eating and smart storage.

Miniature Dolls and Figures

Miniatures is a relatively all encompassing term. There are many hobbyists who collect miniatures. Because it is such a broad term, miniatures can refer to smaller scale replicas of anything from a doll to an entire city. Some people have extensive miniature collections, some being dolls, others being action figures, and some being other types of miniatures. There are networks and communities both on and offline for enthusiasts. There are lots of ways to get involved

Miniature Houses

Miniature houses and buildings are another common form of small scale items. Miniature cities, miniature buildings, and small houses, are used for hobbies, and also as scale models when developers are looking to present new developments and building proposals. It offers a great way to show how a building fits within a certain landscape.

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